Associate Professor Political and Cultural Geography

AISSR Programme group Geographies of Globalizations (GoG), University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands


Research project Geographies of Urban Multilingualism, with Nesrin El Ayadi. This is part of MIME - Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe, a research project on multilingualism in Europe, funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme.


Research interests:

Political and cultural geography

Geopolitics and globalisation

supranationalism and (multilevel) governance in the European Union

national political cultures and citizenship

multilingualism and political institutions

language and territory

urban multilingualism

transnationalism and “new media”

(transnational) migration and territorial identities

electoral geography 

urban social movements

institutional transplantation

gridgroup analysis, Cultural Theory, theory of sociocultural viability



Last update: vdm / July 2015